The Pasadena Heritage Society – NL Inc. is a dedicated and passionate registered non-profit organization, with a thoughtful and steadfast commitment to the collecting, preserving, and promoting of the rich history and heritage of the Town of Pasadena, Newfoundland and Labrador. Our tireless work embodies a deep and abiding love for this vibrant community, and we are honored to serve as its guardians and ambassadors.

Discover Pasadena

Nestled in the Humber Valley, on the West Coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, the history of Pasadena includes the evolution of three distinct communities into one. 

Church Street Bridge, Logo of Pasadena Heritage Society - NL
Church Street Bridge over South Brook

Photo courtesy of Karen Tiller

Our Story

From a grassroots organization in 2014, to an incorporated non-profit in 2022, our evolution has brought us to the vibrant organization we are today. Click on the video to view some highlights of the Pasadena Heritage Society – NL!  Read more about our Board of Directors and Strategic Directions by clicking below.

Knowledge Sharing

From gathering information to sharing knowledge with others, we love to learn and share more about our community whenever we can.  Click below to view our Community Events.

Traditional Skills - Fruitcake with the Pasadena Heritage Society - NL
Traditional Skills - Fruitcake

Photo courtesy of Karen Tiller