Community Events

We offer a variety of events to share the heritage of our community.  Check out our popular Traditional Skills workshops!

Thank you for offering the Traditional Skills program. It was a wonderful experience to come to the library and learn to knit, meet fabulous ladies from our community, and share a few laughs.
Donna Camp
Knit Wit

What treasures are lurking around the community?  If you have an item of interest you would like to donate or lend to us, we would be happy to chat.  We have cabinet displays currently at Pasadena Place and a farm equipment display at Wright’s Family Farm.

What is your story?  We would love to interview you for our records.  Our interviews are housed on Memorial University’s Digital Archives Initiative. Be sure to visit them here.

Would you like us to attend your upcoming event?  We would love an opportunity to chat with your group or organization about the heritage of Pasadena.

Would you like to learn a new skill?  Are you a knowledge keeper?  Be sure to let us know what skills you would like to learn or what skills you can teach others.  We are especially interested in working with intergenerational groups!