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Knowledge Sharing

Attention all knitters, crocheters, snowshoe makers, people who know traditional recipes, and anyone who makes, crafts, or creates objects – Heritage NL is looking for you!

The Humber Valley Traditional Skills Inventory will identify existing traditional knowledge holders in the area, including craft producers, bakers, cooks, artists, makers; and will identify the needs and gaps related to sharing traditional knowledge.  The inventory will include identifying local makers in the region, comparing different styles, and collecting stories about the use and making of everyday objects, art, and crafts!

Sister City Escape Room

March 16, 2024

A new event for us! Partnering with Bees Knees Event Planning and Marketing and the Pasadena Public Library, teams competed in our first escape room event. A heritage theme challenged participants to solve puzzles to unlock the mystery of the sister city lost key.

Amazing Heritage Race
Pasadena Strawberry Days 2023

July 20, 2023

Our largest group of racers to-date!  7 teams raced simultaneously around town learning facts about the community, while performing assigned tasks.  We were especially excited to see so many youth once again participating with their families.  Participants once again graciously brought items to the Pasadena Food Bank as an entrance fee.  We crowned new Amazing Heritage Race champions this time by crossing the finish line at the brook behind Pasadena Place.

Amazing Heritage Race
Winter Carnival 2023

February 18, 2023

A twist this year!  We ran the Amazing Heritage Race simultaneously with all teams.  True to the intention of the TV version, teams gathered at a starting line and received a clue to direct them to the Pasadena Food Bank.  Racers gave a donation to the food bank as an entrance fee.  At each location a clue provided some heritage information for racers to determine where to head next.  At the next stop participants completed a challenge to receive the next clue. The first team to cross the finish line were the Amazing Heritage Race champions!

South Brook is 100!

July 28, 2022

In partnership with the Town of Pasadena, an old-fashioned garden party was held in South Brook to commemorate 100 years.  Included in the event were games, a bbq, and cupcakes!  Our committee had a knowledge sharing tent with a display of facts about South Brook.  A challenging crossword puzzle was a big hit!

Amazing Heritage Race
Come Home Year 2022

July 22 - 31, 2022

2022 was Come Home Year for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  We offered our popular Amazing Heritage Race once again during this summer festival.  Participants ran the race on their own schedule.  Racers were given a list of heritage clues directing them to various locations in the community.  Once there, they took a selfie with their team and sent it to our committee.  Start and end times were tracked to determine the fastest team.  A combination of correct photos and fastest time determined race winners. 

Photo Scanning Party

April 19, 2022

Terra Barrett and Andrea O’Brien, from Heritage NL, conducted a scanning session with our committee and members of the community.  We learned how to document, scan, and save electronic files of photos, newspaper clippings, and other documents of interest.  Have a photo to share?  Contact us to let us know!  We would love to document it for preservation.

Amazing Heritage Race
Winter Carnival 2022

February 11 - 20, 2022

Our inaugural Amazing Heritage Race!  To protect participants during the pandemic, we offered a safe, fun, outdoor activity.  Participants ran the race in their own bubble groups.  With a list of heritage-related clues, participants raced around town to take a selfie at the designated spot.  Times were clocked and the combination of fastest time and most correct answers crowned a winner!

What's the Word on the Street?

February 20, 2018

40+ folks attended a knowledge sharing session at the Humber Valley Seniors Centre.  In preparation for a project, our committee gathered information from members of the community about the origin of the street names in Pasadena.  A lively discussion was held by all!  Stay tuned as our finalized project is expected in late 2023.

Heritage Night with 1st Pasadena
Scouts - Beavers and Cubs

February 19, 2018

Committee members Marylyn Murphy and Carole Spicer were invited to speak about heritage to the 1st Pasadena Scouts – Beavers and Cubs. What a great evening! The boys and girls learned about the reasons why South Brook, Pasadena and Midland were developed and how they came together to the town we are now. Everyone got a chance to share in which “community” they live in now and how years ago if they lived in those same locations they probably would be in different schools and may not even know one another! We also reviewed the Town Crest and what the images and colours represent. Thank you to the leaders for asking us in for the evening. Some of them learned a few things too!

Garden Party at Wright's Family Farm

August 20, 2017

In partnership with the Town of Pasadena, we hosted an old-fashioned garden party at Wright’s Family Farm.  Families enjoyed a BBQ, outdoor games, and a barrel train ride!  Our new heritage farm equipment was revealed!


November 22, 2016

Thank you to Nellie Strowbridge, local author, for kicking the Christmas season with a reading from her The Gift of Christmas book.  The reading was followed by community members sharing Christmas stories, traditions, laughs, and memories.  Rounding out the evening was a cup of tea and a cookie… or two!  Thank you to Angela Menchion and the Pasadena Public Library for hosting.

People, Places, and Traditions Tea

August 16, 2016

Dale Jarvis and Terra Barrett, from Heritage NL, facilitated a fantastic evening of knowledge sharing.  Members of the community shared their memories of growing up in the community while Dale, Terra, and members of our committee documented and tracked the information on large maps of the community.

Pasadena Strawberry Days

July 25 - 26, 2015

Our summer students Taylor French and Michelle Tapp set up a display during Pasadena’s annual summer festival.  They shared knowledge of the community, and offered door prizes for stopping by!

Website Launch

March 19, 2015

We held a launch party at the Pasadena Public Library.  The Mayor brought greetings.  Artifacts were displayed.  Stories were shared.  Over 35 people came out to support and join in the celebration.

Pasadena Strawberry Days

July 26, 2014

Our first summer student, Alex Riley, set up a booth at Pasadena Strawberry Days.  He had artifacts on display.  A trivia contest challenged folks about their knowledge of the community! 

Photos courtesy of Pasadena Heritage Society – NL Inc.