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Community Displays

Community displays help tell the story of our community.  We are grateful for the donations to our collection we receive. We have a collection policy, and a process to accept donations.  All donors complete a deed of gift form transferring ownership of the item(s) to us for display. 

We have two ongoing community displays of artifacts: Cabinets at Pasadena Place and a farm equipment display at Wright’s Family Farm. On special occasions we set up temporary displays. 

If you have an artifact you feel might be of interest to us, please do not hesitate to connect with us.

Pasadena Place


Display cabinets line the hallway towards the multi-purpose rooms at Pasadena Place. In several cabinets we display part of our collection. We change our displays seasonally, and try to group similar items together.

Wright's Family Farm


We are grateful for the support of Andy & Sharon Wright for building a structure to house farm-related items and equipment. A farmer founded Pasadena. The Commission of Government in 1936 turned fishermen into farmers of Midland. There is a long history of farming in the community. Several items on display belong to farmers of the community or Andy & Sharon’s families. The next time you are at the farm, check out the display behind the market.

Temporary Displays

Occasionally at special events

Photos courtesy of Pasadena Heritage Society – NL Inc.